Henshaw’s Chocolate Menu

The chocolate menu below contains our most popular flavours but we often create new flavours or limited editions for our Artisan Market sales. Therefore this menu may be subject to change.

Cherries in Kirsch

A whole Morello cherry, steeped in Kirsch, surrounded by a smooth dark chocolate ganache.  Our best seller.  (Dark Chocolate / Alcohol)


Salted Caramel

Our delicious rich caramel, finished with a pinch of Cornish sea salt. (Dark or Milk Chocolate)


Marc De Champagne

A creamy champagne ganache, surrounded by a milk chocolate shell, hand finished in velvet white chocolate.  (Milk and White Chocolate / Alcohol)


Raspberry Caramel

A fresh raspberry caramel, surrounded by a crisp dark chocolate shell, finished with real raspberry powder.   A match made in heaven.  (Dark Chocolate)


Gin of the Month

What will it be this month?    (Dark Chocolate / Alcohol)


Strawberries & Cream

Strawberries.  Cream.  A rich and creamy classic!  (White Chocolate)


Espresso Martini

Coffee Liqueur with a splash of Vodka, encased in a dark chocolate shell.  (Dark Chocolate / Alcohol)


Hazelnut Praline Crunch

A rich milk chocolate hazelnut praline with an added crisp.  (Milk Chocolate / Nuts)


Milk Truffle

A smooth milk chocolate ganache, dipped in creamy milk chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of cocoa nibs. (Milk Chocolate)


Coffee & Walnut

Chopped walnuts, encased in a creamy white and milk chocolate shell, filled with a rich coffee ganache.  (Milk & White Chocolate / Nuts)


Lemon Drizzle Cups

Fresh and zingy, this lemon butter truffle in a dark chocolate cup is for real lemon lovers.  (Dark & White Chocolate)


Dark Chocolate Truffle

A smooth dark chocolate ganache, dipped in dark chocolate and finished with a sprinkle of cocoa nibs. (Dark Chocolate)


Chilli & Orange Crunch

A crunchy, creamy orange filling with just a little kick of heat.  All encased in a crisp dark chocolate shell.  (Dark & Milk Chocolate)


Marzipan & Pistachio Bon Bon

The finest Lubeca marzipan, enrobed in dark chocolate and finished with chopped pistachio nuts.  (Dark Chocolate / Nuts)


Honeycomb Dome

Crunchy honeycomb surrounded by creamy milk chocolate or dark 70% chocolate.  (Milk or Dark Chocolate)


Amaretto Truffle

An Amaretto liqueur ganache, rolled in chopped almonds and encased in milk or dark chocolate. (Milk or Dark Chocolate / Alcohol / Nuts)


Gingerbread Truffle

A Spicy Butter Truffle, encased in a milk chocolate shell.  (Milk Chocolate)


Le Crunch

Toasted French biscuit in caramel milk chocolate, encased in a milk chocolate shell (Milk Chocolate)


Nougatine Cup

A milk chocolate cup filled with a blend of white chocolate and caramel finished with almond flakes (Milk & White Chocolate / Nuts)





John and I are doing our utmost to make your chocolate orders on time, however due to Covid-19 some deliveries are taking longer than usual due to courier delays outside of our control. We hope you will be understanding if there is a delay in receiving your order during this time.